I've been interested in electrical and electronic things since I was very young. As a small child, my grandfather set up a transformer so that I could play with safe voltages. At fourteen, I rewired my grandmother's house, and at sixteen I completely wiring our family's new residence. Naturally I was playing around with automotive systems at the same time. After years of hearing guys say how they would do anything on a car except the electrical, and finding that both the electronics industry and structural wiring had lost their allure, I figured it would be a good idea to make a business of working on automotive electrical systems.

Whatever I work on, I have always been driven to make it look neat, even though it may get covered over. And from the time it was just a hobby, I've always strived to make my wiring look like it was manufactured for the car, which required hunting for OE connectors, etc. In recent years, some suppliers have come into existence that have made this easier.

Scient Electric